Kiitos Brewing Company Begins Brewing Today

Kiitos Brewing Company has finally overcome it’s many hurdles and is ready to go online this morning. Owner, Andrew Dasenbrock‘s dream project has been in development hell since late 2015. The setbacks he’s endured would be enough to force anyone to throw in the towel, luckily for us Andrew has persevered, because he/we all get a new brewery out of the deal.

Andrew has teamed up with Brewer, Clay Turnbow – formerly of Epic Brewing and most recently 2 Row Brewing. Clay knows our market very well and is adept in Utah’s low-point and high point worlds.

When Utah’s greenest brewery fires up this morning, the first beer will be a blonde ale. In the coming days we’ll throw some more details your way. Other beers, opening date, etc. So join me in officially welcoming Utah’s newest brewery to the block.

If you’re not familiar with Kiitos’ story? here’s some good background info on the brewery.

Oh, just in case you’re keeping score, that’s three new breweries to open in SLC so far this year (FisherRoHa and Kiitos). RPMSaltFire and Toasted Barrel are all on deck and are set to open sometime in late 2017. Pretty cool, eh?

Kiitos Brewing Plans to be Environmentally Friendly While Producing New Local Craft Beer

Andrew Dasenbrock and his head brewer are planning to open Kiitos at their new location in the summer of 2017 and start welcoming patrons to test their craft beer. Dasenbrock has taken numerous precautions to ensure that his new pub is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Construction plans were made so they could install a treatment system to limit water waste. This new system ensures that they are only disposing water waste into the public system that is as clean as it can possibly be.

When it comes to the distribution of their beer, Kiitos is definitely in favor of cans. As an environmentally friendly company, Dasenbrock says cans are, “…better for the brewery, better for the beer, better for the planet, and best of all, better for the consumer. Cans are highly recyclable, and require less energy to transport…”

When Kiitos finally opens their nature-friendly doors, patrons will be able to get their hands on a number of specialty ales and lagers that have been masterfully crafted by the brewmasters. There are also some great surprises coming up in the next couple of months that will be sure to catch the attention of any craft beer enthusiast in Utah.

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