In Appreciation of What We've Got

We love doing what we do and brewing what we brew, and our determined focus on conservation of resources is our way of showing our appreciation for both. And the centerpiece of our efforts to do more and use less is our HEBS system.

What the HEBS?

Our HEBS, or High Efficiency Brewing System, is one of only several in use in the United States. With an emphasis on efficiency, the HEBS system allows us to save energy while using 40% less water, and 15-20% less grain overall. Additionally, because of our three-step wastewater system, the waste produced is already PH balanced, meaning no additional balancing chemicals are added to our city’s waste system.


Why the Cans?
It all comes down to showing our gratitude by doing what’s right. We use only aluminum cans because, as a sustainable metal, aluminum can be recycled indefinitely, and production requires far less energy. All this without any sacrifice in taste. In fact, canning protects the beer from sunlight and “skunking” better than bottled beers. And the results speak for themselves. Great tasting beers, gratefully brewed.

Where Else but Here?
Brewing has a long and historic tradition here in Utah—a tradition of which we are proud to be a part and to add on to. Nestled into Salt Lake City’s near southwest side, a new chapter in Utah’s brewing history is being written, with several innovative, unique and exciting new microbreweries establishing their presence in the area. Kiitos adds to and enhances this burgeoning community of brewers, producing uniquely crafted beers with an emphasis on conservation of resources.

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So, we have to ask

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