Kiitos Brewing Company

I love new brewery announcement day. It’s like I’m Vishnu, and I’m in one of those cash tornado machines – flailing and grabbing cash. It’s like I can’t loose! You should probably take a moment and absorb that image… Anyhow, I have the pleasure to announce Salt Lake City newest brewery – Kiitos Brewing CompanyKiitos is the state’s newest entry into Utah’s craft beer scene and is the long time dream of founder and Utah native Andrew Dasenbrock. Their Head Brewer, Adam Bulson, while originally from Michigan has spent the last ten years at various great breweries in mountain towns throughout the United States.

Kiitos will start with a capacity to produce about 7000 barrels per year and will launch with five varieties of ales in 16 ounce cans, and will then introduce additional ales, lagers, and unique brews as time goes on. In short the specially designed brew system that Andrew is currently installing will allow their brewers to produce high quality recipes using much less water and fewer inputs. This will help the brewery keep their environmental footprint lower than most craft breweries in the nation and world. This system will also allow Kiitos to produce highly unique beers that standard systems would choke on, like completely gluten-free sorghum beers, or 100% wheat ales.

Another of Kiitos’ primary goals is to become the greenest brewery possible, and not just in their brew-house. They will strive for a low impact philosophy by only packaging in cans to avoid using excessive amounts of energy consumed while transporting the extra weight of glass. Cans are also highly recyclable, and great for taking camping, hiking, or on any other outdoor adventures. The brewery will also offset all of their electrical use with wind credits, and regularly invest in improving and increasing the energy efficiency of the brewery.

Kiitos Brewing is located at 608 w. 700 s. in Salt Lake City. They hope to start brewing by February/March 2016. And just in case your keeping score, Proper Brewing Company and Talisman Brewing in Ogden both have similar timelines. 

Pretty cool endeavor, eh? Kiitos looks to be a great addition to Utah’s exploding craft beer scene. Congrats to Andrew and his team!
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