Kiitos Brewing Opens

Andrew Dasenbrock’s goal is “to make the best damn beer we can.” And he’s got a good headstart.  Kiitos Brewing is a trifecta of environmental, social and beer-making concepts. Adjacent to the railyard in the burgeoning Granary District, Kiitos is the brewing, canning and on-site sales location for Salt Lake’s latest microbrewery.

Andrew testifies that he’s been “home-brewing for a few years,” but his humble assertion belies his knowledge of beer science. The real expert though is experienced brewmaster Adam Bulson who moved here from Montana to help launch the business.

Kiitos high-efficiency brewing system (HEBS) is one of 10 in the US, Andrew claims. Investors have also financed other eco-friendly operational choices such as wind-generated electricity. “We will produce beers that no one else can with the lowest environmental impact,” he asserts. Andrew is also is intent on promoting gender equality in the business, and creating “gender-agnostic” marketing.

Production will begin at 5,000 barrels of beer annually, and the plan is to offer an expansive selection of year-round foundational brews augmented by rotating seasonals. The HEBS will allow the team to craft a 100-percent wheat ale, an achievement impossible for other breweries to accomplish, Andrew notes, because the wheat chaff clogs a traditional system.

The business moniker acknowledges Andrew’s maternal heritage. Kiitos means thanks in Finnish, and Andrew is quick to list that for which he is grateful–the planet, the community and, of course, beer. “It’s who we are,’” he says. “We want to be thankful all the way around.”

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